Courage is the Key to Great Leadership

Great leaders set themselves apart by their willingness to make courageous decisions.

At Global Courage, we believe that all leadership begins with self-leadership and that true leadership is not about a title or position, it is about the personal choice we can each make to rise above our fear, embrace our innate power to affect change and commit to a cause greater than oneself. We empower people to be braver leaders with the courage to dare greatly and lead from within. In particular, to:

  • Set a bold vision with a compelling Why & pursue it with passion and purpose
  • Uphold the highest standards of integrity, prioritizing principle over profit or position
  • Advocate for greater diversity and inclusion, and stand against policies or practices that undermine equality and tolerate abuse of power in any form
  • Take decisive action amid the ambiguity in our increasingly accelerated and uncertain world
  • Act with compassion and foster human-centered workplaces that treat all individuals with civility and respect
  • Embolden others to be stronger leaders and create a culture of courage and accountability