"Every time a woman finds her courage to rise, she emboldens all around her."

– Dr Margie Warrell

The Brave Women Rising program develops critical leadership competencies while expandng the courage, capacity and confidence of women to rise, thrive and amplify their impact in your organization.


Emboldening women to embrace their feminine leadership strengths and own their power as change agents.

Brave Women Rising is an evidence-based leadership program that gets to the heart of what holds women back from fulfilling their full potential as change agents and leaders.

A powerful combination of experiential learning, small group accountability and highly accessible concepts, Brave Women Rising equips women with the strategies, skills and forward-leaning mindset essential to break through systemic, social and psychological barriers. By empowering women to use their intrinsic power, it unleashes potential, harnesses diversity, and amplifies the value women bring to decision making tables.



Brave Women Rising gets to the heart of what it takes to advance more women to decision making tables.

Every component and learning outcome of this program is designed to advance female careers in ways that reflect both the multi-dimensional reality of women’s lives and immense value women bring to decision making tables.

Women will finish this program with:

  • A compelling vision for their future, aligned to core values & unencumbered by self-doubt
  • Authentically grounded in stronger sense of their innate value and strengths
  • Practical skills to navigate complex & ambiguous organizational dynamics
  • A powerful network of female leaders to champion each other
  • Strategies to thrive under pressure, with optimal resilience, courage and wellbeing
  • An agile game plan for taking their careers to the next level


The five foundational pillars of this program provide a proven framework to support women in rising above the barriers – internal and external – that have stymied the rise of women to positions of greater influence.


Lead from Why

  • Connect to a bold vision with a compelling Why to cultivate purpose-driven leadership.
  • Align to core values to galvanize courage & counter agentic ‘think manager, thank male’ bias.
  • Embrace vulnerability with authentic self-certainty.
  • Enrol accountably network to support ambitions.


Own your Power

  • Internalize strengths to counter imposter syndrome & close the ‘gender confidence gap.’
  • Address role congruity bias. Lead with courage and compassion. Embody grace and grit.
  • Couple ‘taking care’ with ‘taking charge.’
  • Reconstruct self-limiting paradigms of power – replace either/or constructs; move from ‘power over’ to ‘power with.’


Train the Brave

  • Strategies for managing self-doubt and negative internal scripts.
  • Take strategic career risks that accelerate learning & crucial leadership competencies.
  • Embrace discomfort to adopt a ‘risk-ready’ mindset driven by curiosity, creativity & contribution.
  • Address perfectionism and reframe ‘miss-steps’ to fail forward, faster.


Speak with Authority

  • Identify blind spots to speak powerfully, build presence and harness the best in others.
  • Set boundaries, make powerful requests and get comfortable with self-advocacy.
  • Speak to unspoken concerns to counter ‘double binds’, ‘backlash effect’ & benevolent sexism.


Prioritize what Empowers

  • Engage strategic allies, sponsors & mentors, build social capital (‘find your own golf game’) & champion other women.
  • Dispel work/life balance myths.
  • Establish ‘should free’ strategies for managing gendered expectations, conflicting priorities and ‘caregiver’ responsibilities.
  • Develop practices that build resilience & expand bandwidth to thrive under pressure.

“Margie’s Brave Women Rising program exceeded my expectations on every level. I am not clear in my vision and read to take concrete steps to achieve it.”

“Margie’s women leaders program changed my life and that of my colleagues. A worthwhile investment for all leaders, both emerging and established.”

“One word: AMAZING! The feedback from our women leaders following Margie’s program was PHENOMENAL!”



The five core pillars of the Brave Women Rising program can be delivered on-site, virtually or in combination. Margie has also run this program as a fully immersive off-site weekend program for female leaders in the US and Asia.

Designed to optimize engagement, build accountability and foster experiential hands-on learning, Margie and her team will work with you to customize the most impactful, accessible program for your team and organization.


    For twenty years, Dr. Margie Warrell has been empowering women to live and lead more bravely. Drawing on her background in Fortune 500 business, coaching, and diverse personal experiences as a mother of four who has lived around the world, Margie brings a wealth of insights to empower women to defy gender norms and become more powerful change agents in their organizations and beyond.

    With a PhD in the interplay of gender, power and leadership, Margie has a unique ability to get to cut to the chase and get to the heart of what holds women back from making their unique mark. Margie has lectured at Columbia, Georgetown and SMU and run programs to support women leaders in diverse organizations globally including Bloomberg, Deloitte, MetLife, Zurich Insurance, Dell, Salesforce, Google and the United Nations Foundation.

    An honoree of the Women’s Economic Forum, Margie has been leading transformative Live Brave women’s programs in Australia, Asia, and the US since 2014.

    Her latest book You’ve Got This! provides insights into how women can overcome the barriers and biases that drive them to doubt themselves too much and back themselves too little.

Margie’s deep insight and powerful delivery set her apart. Her practical advice on how to challenge ourselves and others to be more courageous helped bolster my personal vision for a candid, collaborative and forward-leaning workplace.

Kathy Calvin, President & CEO, United Nations Foundation

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