What does it take to succeed in today’s uncertain, accelerated world?

If you want to embolden your teams or leaders to raise their sights, reframe risk and take more courageous action amid fear and uncertainty, Margie is the perfect adrenaline-like shot of inspiration you need.

Sarah McKensey Head of Diversity & Inclusion, Johnson & Johnson



Emboldening employees to rise above the fears that stifle crucial conversations, bold thinking and decisive action is vital for competitive advantage.

Drawing on contemporary research, the Lead Bravely program gets to the heart of what stifles organizational performance: the fear that drives capable, creative, people to make short-sighted decisions and take overly cautious action that works against organizational interests.

Centered on experiential learning this evidence-backed program is designed for today’s accelerated and competitive environment. The three-pillar, eight-module, framework has produced transformative change and exponential impact in teams and organizations, and across multiple cultures, globally.



Lead Bravely is a bespoke tailored program that will amplify the impact of leaders in your workplace.

Every component and learning outcome of this program is been designed to support and advance emerging and established leaders in your organization.
Developed from contemporary leadership research and concepts from Stop Playing Safe (Wiley 2013), Lead Bravely incorporates the fundamental competencies for effective leadership in modern organizations.

Cornerstone Courage

PURPOSE: Lead with a bold vision, compelling Why, grounded in core values and authentic self-certainty.

PRINCIPLES: Align brave action with right action, build ‘currency of trust’ and navigate uncertainty with integrity.

MINDSET: Embrace vulnerability and emotional discomfort to adopt a risk-ready mindset driven by curiosity, creativity and contribution rather than self-interest and insecurity.

Courageous Action

CANDOR: Engage in crucial and candid conversations to address challenging interpersonal dynamics, build collaboration across teams/silos, and foster trust-worthy accountability toward shared goals.
ADAPT: Practice change-agility through challenging biases, grounding assumptions, continual unlearning and relearning to fail fast and advance faster.
LEVERAGE: Strengthen decision making effectiveness to seize opportunity amid uncertainty.

Courage Culture

EMBOLDEN: Cultivate a ‘culture of courage’ that unlocks latent potential, emboldening people to speak up and ‘take the lead’

HARNESS: Master inclusive leadership to foster psychological safety, ‘loyal dissension’ and maximize cross-functional learning, agility and innovation.

“Google engaged Margie to facilitate a full-day program at our Hong Kong office. The feedback was so overwhelmingly positive that I have no hesitation in recommending Margie as a terrific investment in team development.”

“Margie was an absolutely instrumental part of enlarging the context for our new team. She inspired us to reach for significant business opportunities, strengthen our collaboration, and embrace the mindset needed to achieve amazing success!”

“Oracle has utilized Margie’s expertise for our Asia Pacific leadership programs on multiple occasions. Her collaborative approach, professionalism and energy, combined with her fresh concepts and calm authority have created those ‘ah-ha!’ moments that make better leaders of us all.”



Lead Bravely can be delivered on-site, virtually or in combination.

Designed to optimize engagement, build accountability and foster experiential hands-on learning, Margie and her team will work with you to customize the most impactful, accessible program for your team and organization.


    For twenty years, Dr Margie Warrell has been empowering individuals, teams and organizations to lead more bravely. Drawing on her background in Fortune 500 business, coaching, and diverse international experiences, Margie brings a wealth of insights to empower emerging and establishing to become more effective leaders in their organizations and beyond.

    With a PhD in the interplay of gender, power and leadership, Margie’s has a unique ability to get to the heart of what holds people back from harnessing their strengths and realizing their leadership potential. Margie has lectured at Columbia, Georgetown and SMU and run leadership programs in diverse organizations globally including Shell, Berkshire Hathaway, Mondelez, HP, Swiss Re, Morgan Stanley and many others.

    Margie is the author of five bestselling books, including Stop Playing Safe: Rethink Risk and Achieve Outstanding Success (Wiley 2013) which provides a framework for the Lead Bravely program.

In one of the most difficult moments in the history of the aviation industry, the virtual session Margie ran with our leadership team equipped us to navigate the eye of the storm.

Anna Mascolo, Vice President, Shell Aviation

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