THE VISION of Global Courage is to create a more equitable, compassionate and sustainable world in which all people not only have the opportunity to fulfill their potential but emboldened with the courage to make their unique mark on the world.


THE MISSION of Global Courage is to equip current and future leaders with the mindset, courage and skills needed to act with integrity, make better decisions and be more effective change-makers in their organizations and the wider community.


THE WORK of Global Courage is based on the belief that to create a better – more equitable, tolerant and sustainable – world we must create a braver world and that to create a braver world we must embolden people to be braver leaders, beginning with how they lead themselves.


THE FOCUS of Global Courage is to equip current and future leaders with the self-awareness, skills and mindset to make smarter, bolder and better decisions that are not driven by fear of what might go wrong but of commitment to making things more right.

Core Service Offerings

Lean In & Lead Women’s Leadership Program

Women make outstanding leaders and greater gender diversity in leadership teams improve the quality of decisions being made. Yet old leadership paradigms, implicit bias and a myriad of other forces have slowed progress and kept many capable women from advancing as leaders and being seated at decision making tables. Our Lean In & Lead program is tailored to your organisation and the challenges of the women in it. It is designed to support women to fully leverage their feminine leadership strengths, grow their leadership capacity and expand their influence. Our interactive programs address both the internal and external barriers that women must overcome such as countering unconscious bias, the confidence gap and managing the transitions and competing demands of work, family and life.

Brave Leadership & Team Synergy Program

We create customized programs to elevate team performance, build the collective currency of trust within a team (particularly during and after major change) and equip team members with the skills, strategies and framework required to pull together toward a shared mission with a compelling Why. Our programs always take into account the context in which teams are operating and draw on a mixture of leadership models, methodologies and frameworks including positive psychology, neuro-leadership, appreciative enquiry, emotional intelligence, strength-based coaching and mindfulness. Performance metrics and accountability measures are built into the programs to measure effectiveness and support sustainable behavioral change.

Executive & Leadership Coaching

We provide senior leaders with personalized coaching, consulting and trusted advisory. These conversations guide leaders in Leading from Why, building their currency of trust and cultivating a culture of courage that fosters stronger collaboration among stakeholders, intrapreneurship and innovation and unleashes the human potential in their teams and organizations. Clients will be guided in building a compelling vision, identifying ‘blind spots’, clarifying core values, distinguishing the ‘vital few’ from the ‘trivial many’ and managing their time and energy in ways that enable them to bring their best selves to their biggest challenge and highest purpose.

Women’s Leadership Advocacy & Diversity Consulting

We work within private, public and non-profit sectors to advocate for greater gender diversity, more inclusive policy and practices, and far stronger representation of women in senior leadership and board level positions. Advocacy also includes media commentary on closing the gender gap, panel discussions and participation in government and corporate roundtables and advisory committees.

We also provide consulting to improve gender diversity and inclusion, particularly relating to plugging the leaky pipeline and gaining stronger female representation in senior leadership and board positions.